Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deciding the List

So, the list is long and we haven't even started yet. But I want to take this opportunity to ask that those of you who are planning on participating (for real, now) start perusing the list and then comment to this post telling me that you want to participate (officially) and then give me your top three choices out of the books we've listed, and two choices for short stories/poems/etc. All of the choices have to be books you've never read before. (You can pick your own suggestion if it's also something you've never read.) 5 nominations total.

I will be brave and post mine first. But you can wait, because I'm sure we'll have more to follow.


Nemo said...

Here are my choices:

The Thirteenth Tale
Fifth Chinese Daughter
Secret Life of Bees

How the Irish Saved Civilization (I've always wanted to read that.)
Thoreau on Walking

- Steph

Calipsan said...
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Calipsan said...

Grendal (That's a short one right?)
Running with Scissors
Wuthering Heights
Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Ship of Magic (that sounds really cool!)

I'm in!

And I'm really looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

The Thirteenth Tale
The Last Unicorn
Turtle Moon
Hunting of the Snark

I'm in by the way!

Jenny said...

I'm in, too. (I am totally cheating and just giving you a list of five books. At least one of them is non-fiction...)

Native Tongue
One Hundred Years of Solitude
The Cat of Bubastes
Ship of Magic
How the Irish Saved Civilization

Edbbie said...

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Cien Años de Soledad
Howl's Moving Castle
The Hunting of the Snark
Life of Pi

Nemo said...

I rescinded my vote for Thoreau, because i belatedly realized i have already read that essay. oops. therefore, I recast my last vote for Grendel.

- steph (who accidentally cheats sometimes.)

gammond said...

I'm in, and have you invited Amelia and Theresa Snyder?

Here are my choices (mostly because these are books I've looked at repeatedly and never read):

Life of Pi
Atlas Shrugged
Secret Life of Bees
The Spiderwick Series
The Wooden Breeks (play)
Poetry of Sara Teasdale

And, by the way, THIRTEENTH TALE is the best book I've read in several YEARS . . .and RUNNING WITH SCISSORS made me throw up, repeatedly.

There you go!

Caity said...

Ombria in Shadow
The Thirteenth Tale
The Violet Hour
Henry David Thoreau's Essay on Walking

I am so excited about this.
-Caity J

Heather said...

Officially participating? Yes, yes, please.

Three novels:
The Thirteenth Tale
Ombria in Shadow
The Book of Lost Things

Two other:
Sandman (graphic novels, Neil Gaiman, yes?)
How the Irish Saved Civilization

Back to work.

PS. May I suggest Labyrinth by Kate Mosse? I've wanted to read this for about two or three years now.

vmfambrough said...

The Hunting of the Snark (I must confess, I am not familiar with this, but with a title that sounds this intriguing, how can I resist?)
Dorothy Parker's poetry (Everyone's favorite little gossip columnist!)

Water for Elephants
Cien Años de Soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude)